I am straight how does section 377 affect me? Why should I care?

Excerpt from : http://www.firstpost.com/india/all-you-need-to-know-about-the-scs-decision-to-reopen-the-section-377-debate-2610680.html

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I am a straight person, why should I care about the 377 Case?

377 can also apply to straight persons engaging in intercourse that requires the penetration of an orifice other than the vagina. Anal-Sex, oral Sex, ‘handjobs’ etc are all covered by 377. But sexual acts aside, 377 empowers the law to step into the bedroom of an individual and examine his sexual conduct with his consenting partner, 377 is bad on principle because the law should never be allowed to enter the bedroom.

For example, if tomorrow, with a view on population control the government made a law saying that people could only have sex on Saturdays and Sundays or a law requiring that all men sit down and pee. Sounds absurd right? These laws could survive because 377 has been allowed to survive.

It’s not about one section alone, the ramifications of holding a law like 377 valid are far and may affect almost every aspect of life that involves privacy including issues like phone-tapping, inspection of private records, search and seizure etc.

In fact as a straight person you should be concerned more about the legal ramifications of the judgement, because persecution of gay people in India is the status quo. Confirming such persecution, could actually open the door to the persecution of straight people!


You are just a number in my fuck list

I came from France
You came from Italy
We met at Kollam beach
Oh! India is so lovely
I said in my mind “there’s a hot chic”
And your mind said “what’s the size of his dick”
We had a merry time
Some food, some dance, some wine
All night we sweat and sigh
Next day it’s goodbye
Oh yes! the sex was just fine
I went back to my home
You went back to your Rome
I keep my sex drive high
Till I get thirty five
Then I fix a few wives
Divorces and denies
You just a number in my f*cks
So am I in the list of your dicks
What a pathetic life
Just like animals it went by
Source: http://forums.familyfriendpoems.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=102329

A beggar king

There was a king. A king so rich that there was nothing in the world that he could not afford. But, the king had a flaw. He liked to beg every now and then. He liked to get a little more money than what he had already. He will leave his throne and go begging in disguise door to door occasionally. People would shoo him away. They did not know  it was the king, the man whom all the riches belonged. Some people had mercy on the poor beggar and they would give him some dimes. The king used to draw a lot of pleasure out of this foolish act. He thought whatever money he got it made him a little more richer than others. The difference between his riches and their deepened which was true but not needed.

We all are like this king. A beegar king. When a person thinks he doesn’t need anyone. He thinks he is self sufficient to be happy but he appoaches others, bossing around to mingle with them and to get some attention from others. Once his mind is satisfied his ego rises again and he thinks it is great ! “I am awesome. I have people running on my command and all their attention is on me”. But, at his back he doesn’t understand that people feel pity on him and hence spend time with him so that he doesn’t  feel alone and miserable. There is no true feelings of belonging and companionship. This relation is like a beautifully decorated dead body. A total waste of time.

Let us be the king who has physical wealth and mental wealth equanimity to share with others. A person who has the courage to share his time of life just for others. A true king who knows how to give and receive respect with humility.

Chai suraj ke saath

Some times a cup of  sweetened plain tea on edge of terrace facing our nearest star going down in the evening is so adventurous and as amazing. It is  as thrilling  as jumping down a height of  20,000 feet from a plane. In both, you give up the limited. It gives you a sense of something higher. An achievement. Few still moments where the waves of mind have subsided and you are face to face with inner self. Peace prevails. Possibility of something higher opens up. 

Man made values

Paper carry value due to man’s ignorance. They attain a certain value due to our ignorance. The currency is nothing but a fancy paper of art by some artist.
We, as humans create some nasty illusions to pursue or stick to some reason to live on. Just like any other stone this yellow golden rock is worshiped by millions. They wear it as if it were some special thing. But in its true nature diamonds, gold or any other so-called precious gems are rocks. Just rocks.

Science is useless until it serves all… literally 

People attach a purpose to life to live on, consciously or under the influence of a race.. a rat race. Modern economy has made everything so costly. Billionaires are donating at a very high rate but their earning never cease to multiply. Unecesaary comfort in life has made it easy but in doing so created so much more trouble. The places where people used to live happily in synch with nature have been introduced with plastic and other artificial things which now destroy the ambience of the place which were beautiful. 

Science is not developing hand in hand with nature so there is a big problem.  We are creating artificial things for utilities but they are not bio degradable.  Hence lot of junk pollutes the surrounding land areas, rivers, forests etc. Animals are prime victim of our careless approach to scientific developmemt.

We need to bring in research that is in working hand in hand with nature. 

Present India- Analysis Paralysis

India, the democracy

Modern leaders undercover hypocrisy

Where one leader says something

Either does little or nothing

People cast votes

No, no … vote their caste

Jha feels sorry … 🙂

Where bluffers run for crown

Bluffed feels so proud

They say  with democracy comes great power

I say, understanding remains sour

Marred with politics of dynasty

Did I just call it Monarchy?

Oops.. I am sorry

But you need to worry..

Yes you need to worry…

Democracy where law prevails

In  practicality it  fails

Where a juvenile rapes

Gruesomely murders and escapes

Where reel life makes “heroes”

Soldier’s worth a memory

Their needs trimmed to zeros…

Where any good is questioned

It’s intent and nature

Where speech is free

Of it’s responsibility

Where  Gandhi was Mohandas

And Tagore was Rabindra

Now, its just a brand

To fulfill one’s end…






Fasle… Brings you closer to yourself and your mistake

Hi There,

‘Fasle’ is an Urdu word meaning distances, mostly used to describe the separation of individuals or distances between them. I had an experience yesterday, when I  went far ahead in breaking someone’s heart. A pious and innocent friend of mine. Rather the  best person I saw till now in my life. Simple, straightforward, patient.. little less these days 😦 , authentic, in depth analytical and sarcastic with never stopping giggles once the emotions captures him.

We have been buddies like forever. There is a silent understanding between friends that makes it so special. When we are relaxed and we are ourselves its much easier and we have energy to carry on and on but putting mask and convincing others of some sort of other person drains our energy. Why am I talking all this ? Because I learnt the lesson yesterday that changing a person is not what you want to do to anyone, things happen spontaneously. We don’t even have to put effort. Good attracts everyone. It just sets in on its own.

I am hyper critical person. I analyze things sometimes too much. What is needed a little perspective of situation. A person who is like me should keep some space for imperfections. As H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar says “We need to keep some corner where dustbin has to be kept, we can’t allow dustbin to be not there in home in any corner. If some one has a mind set like that then the trash will be everywhere in the house ” :).  Some thoughts and actions are imperfect. It’s a matter of perspective. I might think it is suppose to be done. Other person might think the contrary.

Anything to last long adjustment is the mantra. We need to compromise. For a person like me it sounds like a defeat but if you look at it, its not that life is a battle all the time. And even if it is, there are several other ways to win over it. Not being impulsive is one of them. So let the love spread and love can only flourish under bask of adjustment. Fragrance of this cultivation is life long happiness…

Sorry for being so compulsive Bhun.





Till we say YES to it, learning a thing is a far dream

Many of us have many dreams. To become something. To achieve something. To have something. But then those goals are not really goals. They are just thoughts. Fancies! I would say till you back it up with a YES! A big bold YES!!!
What does it mean? It means nothing more than being there where you think you should be in your heart. Our aim should be first realized in our mind. Think of it as if you achieved it already. Now all you got to do is to make your way up to the goal. This is an important thought. We can’t achieve what we want to if we do not have a clear picture. If you have not felt it inside, how will reach it outside. How will you make it a reality. Outside is just a means to really be there where you wanted to be. What you wanted to be. What you wanted to have.
If out of fear you never attempted or took the risk, then it never actually was meant to happen and will not happen. We have a big wishlist all the time and our priorities are otherwise. Its always been like this and will be like this until you give little seed to grow into a plant.
All we should do is to give a little space in our busy schedule for long pending desires. Work less for it but work consistently. It will happen only this way. Sometime it all fits in, what you are doing for living and what you wanted to do. The path crosses sometime and if you have not worked for your desires till this time… it becomes a regret. A big mark on your conscience. There is no end to prolong a thing you want to do or achieve. But it matters the most when you can see yourself missing it when actually the opportunity strikes.
So a casual person would not achieve most of life but a person who appears casual but knows deep down inside what he wants from life will definitely get it.
We need to bless ourselves before we find God’s blessings. 🙂 Hope we all do good and have sensible desires.

Say yes .. rest will happen

Identity is never lost !

When we are searching for something what do we need? We need someone who comes along and searches with us. But what if the thing we are searching has never been lost. Its because of our ignorance we are searching for it. Same is the case when we are searching for identity.If you see it literally also it means to find one self. Identity is never lost but its the being of a person. How can one lose it.

Its the situations in life which make us sad or happy or is it our response to them? Many a times we do not respond we react to situation. We might have a long lasting relation with someone but we might not be happy. Why is it so? We should understand one thing it takes a lot of time to understand a person to understand the nature of other. And its possible that in a relation one person is never able to understand other at all.But then our maturity should step in. We have two steps, either leave the relation and go or see into the things with another perspective. Its not him who liked him in first place.Its you who liked him for some reason, for what he is.For this reason we can stick to the other person because you liked him for what he is. Everyone has some or the other up or down in his life, that doesn’t mean we should right away discard the relation. Quitting is a sensible decision when it tampers with your identity.When things want to change what you vouch for.Otherwise why would you go and break a thing if we can just reuse it with some changes both the ways it works and how we handle it.

Make some changes in yourself. Little sacrifice for others is a good deed. It doesn’t mean you’re slave to someone that he or she is changing you. It means you have full command on your self and you know how to handle situations in life and you have control over your mind to make changes for some space for somebody in your heart.